About Cuenca

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Cuenca, located in the southern part of the Ecuadorian cordillera, is the third biggest city of Ecuador after Quito and Guayaquil and since 1999 it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The historical centre is full of colonial elements like the wrought iron and cut wood balconies, paving stones and architecture which points out European but without neglecting autochthones details.

There, you will find many churches, symbol of the Spanish religiosity which was marked in these distant grounds. This architecture is important with invaluable details, made from gold and marble.
Failing this one it has two cathedrals in a small territory: the “la Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción”, or the new cathedral, and “la Iglesia del Sagrario”, or the old cathedral.
In its turn, the two oldest religious temples are the Monastery of Conceptas and the Catch of load which dates from the first decades of the foundation of the city in 1957.

As in the majority of the colonial cities, interesting buildings surround the central place.
There, you will also find, the House of Canónigos, the Court of justice and the old cathedral, from the neo-classical style (XVIII century).

Do not miss colored markets such as the traditional flower market which is located close to the cathedral or markets where it is possible to eat typical.

You can, thus, visit traditional districts such as « las Herrerías », where the craftsmen of iron work, or that of “el Vado” or the District of All Saints known also as the bakers’ district.

This city deserves to be visited.
For much, it is the prettiest city of Ecuador with an important cultural richness and a privileged environment.

To supplement your visit, only thirty minutes away from Cuenca, the Natural Park of “Cajas” is waiting for you with more than 230 lagoons.