TUTORIAL 2 - Virtualized Networks for Cloud Computing: state-of-the-art and open challenges

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Marinho P. Barcellos, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


4 hours


A major trend in today's Internet applications is the use of multi-tenant datacenters. Such infrastructures offer a proper environment for elastic growth by employing a simple pay-per-use model. However, the use of shared network resources on datacenters brings major challenges, such as performance unpredictability, new security concerns and poor performance of conventional Internet protocols. In this tutorial, I’ll present an overview of multi-tenant datacenter networks, including discovered limitations and how recent proposals seek to address them on each layer. Issues include approaches to guarantee minimum bandwidth for individual or groups of tenants, performance predictability, proportional division of network resources and security issues. The tutorial will close with open challenges and research directions.

Biography of the lecture

Prof. Marinho P. Barcellos received his PhD degree in Computer Science from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (1998). In 2003-2004, he worked for the University of Manchester at British Telecomm research labs, evaluating high-performance reliable multicast transport protocols. Since 2008 Prof. Barcellos has been with the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), where he is an Associate Professor. He has authored many papers in leading journals and conferences related to computer networks, network and service management, distributed systems, and computer security, also serving as TPC member and chair. He is currently the appointed chair of the Special Interest Group on Computer Security of the Brazilian Computer Society (CESeg/SBC). He is a member of SBC, IEEE and ACM. His interests are virtualized and cloud-oriented networks as well as large-scale and autonomous decentralized systems.

More info at http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/~marinho